Liquid FX Begins Searching for Non-Profits to Partner With

Liquid FX Pool & Spa
2 min readJan 21, 2023

Liquid FX, an Idaho-based pool and spa firm that specializes in the design, build, remodel, and service of swimming pools and spas, is currently researching different non-profits.

The company’s mission is “to build and maintain extraordinary swimming pools and spas, one client at a time.” Its company values are Passion, High-Quality, Innovation, People, and Efficiency. To learn more, tap here.

One of Liquid FX’s company goals is to partner with reputable non-profits and to give a percentage of its profits away. The company is striving to make a positive impact in the world.

“We are improving the lives of families through building new swimming pools and spas and continuing to service those projects once they’re completed,” says Caleb Rodrigues, Managing Partner at Liquid FX, “but we’re constantly searching to do more. Our company’s drive and passion includes making a positive difference in the world. Part of our goal is to find non-profits with core values that match our expectations.”

The company has developed a 5-year plan that will help it identify 5x different non-profits to partner with by the end of 2027. Liquid FX will start each year by researching different non-profits in Q1. During Q2, the company will then discuss potential non-profit partners among its Board of Advisors. Over Q3, Liquid FX will narrow its search of non-profits and begin talks with its final group of potential partners. By the end of each year in Q4, it will finally choose 1x partner and begin giving a percentage of its profits to that selected non-profit.

By 2028, Liquid FX will have 5x dedicated non-profit partners and will give a fixed percentage of its profits to those partners.

If you know any non-profits that you feel could qualify in Liquid FX’s search for 5x partners over 5x years, please submit more information by tapping here.



Liquid FX Pool & Spa

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